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“Urban Myths” Is Not Alone”: 7 More TV Projects That Never Aired


After pictures of Joseph Fiennes’ as Michael Jackson for an upcoming episode of Urban Myths surfaced, fans and family members of the King of Pop were outraged. A petition to boycott the episode was launched and drew more than 20,000 signatures. In addition, Paris Jackson, Taj Jackson and others close to the performer expressed their disgust at the pictures.


As it turns out, the producers heard their concerns and decided to take action. They have decided not to air the episode after hearing the concerns that were expressed. They claim that Joseph Fiennes fully supported the decision as well.
This is not the first time that an episode didn’t air because of drama or lack of interest. Here are some others.

Flip it Forward

David Benham and twin brother Jason Benham were expected to star in the HGTV show but it was abruptly canceled. Viewers were concerned about the pair’s history of controversial anti-gay and anti-abortion activism.

Heads Up

The popular app that Ellen DeGeneres created was set to become its own game show on HLN. More than 60 episodes were complete but the channel decided against airing it and to focus on news instead.


With Real Housewives and Basketball Wives such successes, TLC wanted to make NASCAR Wives a thing. Reports say that NASCAR wasn’t crazy about having their cast members fight and potentially be shown in a negative light.

Ev and Ocho

Another show based off of Basketball Wives, VH1 hoped to find another hit with Evelyn Lozada and her NFL husband Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson. While 11 episodes taped, fans never got to see them due to the couple’s domestic dispute.

Untitled Michael Sam Series

Oprah’s TV network was planning to follow Michael Sam, the first openly gay NFL player, through rookie camp as he tried to earn a spot on the St. Louis Rams. They put the project on hold to allow Sam to work without distraction and “achieve his dreams”.

Liza and David

After months of building up the series, VH1 canceled the show that was set to feature weekly dinner parties with Liza Minnelli and David Guest. The first episode was already filmed and they said it was cancelled due to lack of cooperation.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

The ABC reality series that pushed hot buttons of racism and anti-homosexuality was pulled by the network before its debut. They felt that since it took a long time to change someones nature the series challenging, and given the sensitivity of the subject matter, they decided not to air it.


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