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Taylor Swift’s Squad: What Will Happen?


After news broke that Selena Gomez and The Weekend were spotted in an intense lip lock in Santa Monica, there were many questions. Some people questioned if the realtionship was real or a publicity stunt. Others wondered when it started and how it happened. But the biggest question of all was what it meant for Taylor Swift’s squad.
Taylor Swift’s squad has become notorious. The definition of #squadgoals, the group is made up of women who are talented, beatuiful and famous. The group did everything together- holidays, vacations, events- and of course, posted all about it on social media to remind you that no matter what, your squad will just never be as cool as theres.


The core members of the group are Swift, Selena Gomez, Lorde, Karlie Kloss, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldrige, Lily Donaldson, and Lena Dunham. However, depending on work schedules and relationship status, it can be an even bigger group.

Now here is where the drama starts: The Weekend and Bell Hadid just got out of a very serious relationship. Based on this, Gomez is breaking the number one girl rule: Don’t date your friends’ exes. However, accourding to sources, Bella and Selena were more members of the same group and less friends with each other specifically. This could lead to very awkward future hangouts, no matter what anyone’s intent was.

Since the photos of the new couple leaked, there has been some negative reaction from the squad, including Bella unfollowing Selena on Instagram. While it is completely normal for Young Hollywood to “inter-date”, it seems as if this latest rift was just too much for the squad. For a group that is very public about their friendship, there has been a lack of activity for some time.


So what happened here? Did the squad just get too big? Was the constent need to be perfect too much for them? Maybe their busy schedules finally caught up to them? Or maybe the drama was just really too much for them.

According to E!, the real reason for the breakup of the squad was simply the fact that they were not really anything to begin with. The public loved those friendships and we have created it into the big deal that it is today. There a good chance that this was just a group of women who enjoyed each other’s company and occasionally found, for a certain time, themselves to be in the same vicinity and without plans. Why wouldn’t they all want to spend Fourth of July at Taylor’s seaside, Kennedian Rhode Island compound, complete with water slides and free matching swimsuits for all?


Taylor Swift is known for her skills with the media and with social media and so it’s not surprising that she would want to surround herself with as many strong and beautiful women in the public’s eye as possible. The “squad” was beneficial for everyone involved, so why not play along? This would explain the ease with which Gomez was able to start dating The Weekend with no thought to Bella Haddid.

Either way, the days of Taylor Swift’s squad seems to be over, no matter the reason. Perhaps it’s time for us to create our own #squadgoals.


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