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Celebrities Took To The Street For Women’s Marches Around The World


What began as a simple Facebook event to protest the election of president Donald Trump, turned into a global movement on Saturday. Millions of women and men across the world took to the streets to fight for women’s rights. The main event was the Women’s March on Washington D.C. but there ended up being sister marches planned in all 50 states and six continents across the world. Among the millions who showed up were a huge amount of celebrities. Some who has been vocal during the election, some who were just taking a stand. Some of them spoke while others just marched with signs in hand (and of course instagramed them).

Hilary Clinton took to Twitter to express her support of those marching. The former presidential candidate wrote on Twitter, “Thanks for standing, speaking & marching for our values @womensmarch. Important as ever. I truly believe we’re always Stronger Together.”

Ashley Judd took to the stage in Washington D.C. were she proclaimed, “I am a very nasty woman! Like Susan, Eleanor, Amelia, Rosa, Gloria, Hilary and Michelle.” Joining her on the stage in D.C. were Madonna, America Ferrera, Scarlett Johansson, Janelle Monae, Alicia Keys, the Indigo Girls, Michael Moore and Gloria Steinem. In Johnanson’s moving speech, she told of how Planned Parenthood helped her and all of her friends. Towards the end of the speech, she called out President Donald Trump directly saying, “President Trump, I did not vote for you but I respect the fact that you are the president. But before I support you, I ask you to support me.” She asked him to ensure that her daughter gets to grow up with the same ones his daughters enjoy.

Amy Schumer, Chrissy Teigen, Emma Watson, Katy Perry, Cher and the Gyllenhall siblings were among those to march in support in D.C. “Supergirl” actress Melissa Benoist carried which refrenced her character. The sign read “Don’t try to grab MY pussy- It’s made of Steel!”

Two-time Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain gave fans a sneak-peek on Instagram of some of the signs she and her friends made for Saturday’s march in D.C. “Who runs the world?” she wrote as she flexed her muscles alongside her pals and their signs — one reading “Girls just want to have fun-damental rights.”

In London, English actress Sharon Horgan, of the hit show “Catastrophe”, shared photos from the women’s march . “Wonderful experience,” she wrote, adding that they marched from the U.S. embassy to Trafalgar Square. “Frozen” star Josh Gad marched in London too, as well as Gillian Anderso and Ian McKellen.

Chelsea Handler and Charlize Theron led a march in Park City, Utah, on Saturday — where many celebrities and entertainment industry types were gathered for the Sundance Film Festival. Kristen Stewart, John Legend and Nick Offerman.

The Edge,  Demi Lovato, Jane Fonda, James Franco, Jamie Lee Curtis all attended the Women’s March in Los Angeles. Miley Cyrus was there as well, dancing her way down the stret.

“Outlander” star Caitriona Balfe shared pictures of a women’s march in Edinburgh, Scotland — including a photo of a bearded man with a face full of makeup standing next to a woman holding a sign that read “Nasty girls grab back bigly!”

Helen Mirren and Whoppi Goldberg also joined marches in New York City as well as “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon. They shared photos of themselves marching as well as pictures of their favorite signs.

Many male celebrities attended or lent their support to their female friends on social media. Nick Jonas, Patton Oswalt, Kevin Bacon and the band Pearl Jam showed some love on Twitter. Actor Joseph Gordon Levitt showed his support by attending the Women’s March in L.A. amd “Hamilton” creator Lin Manuel Miranda attended the London march.

America Ferrera spoke in her speach about the importance of the celebrities participating. ““As artists, women, and most importantly dedicated Americans, it is critical that we stand together in solidarity for the protection, dignity and rights of our communities.” Though they are important celebrities, during the march they were focused on something much more important- the future of America.


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