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How Fans Reacted To Beyonce’s Pregnancy Announcement


Beyonce announced that she is pregnant with twins on February 1st by posting a picture on Instagram and the internet freaked out. “We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. – The Carters,” she wrote.

Queen Bee is no stranger to dropping bombshells on her fans. When she was pregnant with Blue Ivy, she announced the news during the MTV Video Music Awards in 2011 and that became the highlight of the whole evening. And of course, who could forget when she dropped “Lemonade”!

This time, the singer did not disappoint as she did a pregnancy photoshoot for the announcement. She singer posed in a viel and lingerie surrounded by flowers. The internet spent lots of time analyzing the colors and arangement of everything in the picture.

The morning after Beyonce posted the photo, it has recieved almost 8 million likes and 386,812 comments. Within minutes of the announcement, there were over 17,000 Tweets being sent per minute. Within 45 minutes there were more than half a million Tweets about the surprise news. The “Single Ladies” singer surpassed Selena Gomez’s pic with a coke bottle, which had gotten 6.3 million views, in just seven hours. Additionally, “Twins”, “Beyonce”, “Blue” and “Beyhive” were all trending.
On the singer’s official website she shared more photos from the photoshoot, including ones with Blue and various shots of her under water. All the photos had the caption, “I have three hearts,” in a reference to her carrying twins.

Many people noticed that her announcement was made on the first day of Black History Month and felt that the Power Couple had planned it that way. Others made reference to her former girl group, Destiny’s Child and believed that if the twins are both girls then she will have her own girl group.

Even business’s took part in congratulating the famous singer. Popeyes Chicken tweeted, “She has TWO biscuits in the oven? We’ve got a lifetime membership to Popeyes for both of them!” After someone tweeted that her photos looked like a JCPenny photo studio, JCPenny tweeted “”Time for us to go…to the left, to the left. We (heart) Bey, we (heart) the hive, we (heart) you all. Keep the love on top.”

Among those to tweet about the news were some of Beyonce’s famous friends. Model Chrissy Teigen tweeted, “But really. Congrats to my best friend Beyonce. I love you so much. Hive Forever.” Rihanna tweeted, “So excited about this news!!! Congratulations to you @beyonce and my big bro Jay.” In true Ellen-fashion, Ellen DeGeneres instagramed a picture with her face on the pregnancy announcement, with the caption, “Me too!”
There’s no word on what the power couple will name the twins, but there’s a website called “Bey Bey Name” that could provide some ideas. Its a name generator that creates a name based on Blue Ivy’s name. We will have to wait till mid-June-July to see the two newest members of the Carter family.


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