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11 Oldest Athletes Still Dominating Their Sport in 2016


The sports universe is competitive, challenging and an adrenaline rush. An athlete’s condition is an essential element that allows them to be at the top of their game. Usually this happens at a young age, when they’re in their 20s or early 30s.

Following today’s story, here’s 11 athletes who are considered the oldest in their respective sports; however, ‘old’ is a relative term in the world of sports.
Bernard Hopkins – 51
Former pro boxer Bernard Hopkins fought his first match back in 1988. He retired after a formidable career that spanned 28 years. Hopkins is a pro-boxing legend, while at 46 he won the WBC title, and defended it twice, when he was 48 and 49, respectively.
Tim Duncan – 40
Considered the best power forward of all time, Tim is a former pro basketball player, who played for the San Antonio Spurs, from 1997 to 2016. He retired toward the end of last year at the respectable age of 40. Throughout his 18 years with the NBA, Duncan won two NBA Most Valuable Player titles and the NBA Finals MVP titles. He has been an NBA All-Star an impressive 15 times. Duncan is expected to make the Hall of Fame for his massive contribution to basketball.
Peyton Manning – 40
Manning was the Denver Broncos Quarterback but he retired from the team in 2014, at the venerable age of 38. During his last season with the Broncos, he led them to a record-breaking game. He also dominated football in terms of passing yards and completions, and he earned his lead in the Total Quarterback Rating. Manning had the biggest amount of touchdowns, 55 to be precise, in American football history. Peyton also played a total of 18 seasons with the NFL.

Kimmo Timonen – 41
Kimmo Timonen, a former pro ice hockey defenseman of Finnish origins, used to play for the Chicago Blackhawks. Back in 1993 he started pursuing his path with the NHL, having made his debut in 1998. He played over 1,100 NHL games, for a whopping 16 seasons. His award credits and accolades include seven International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships, three IIHF World Junior Championships, five Olympic wins and two World Cups. This prolific player helped the Chicago Blackhawks take home the Stanley Cup in 2015.
Sergei Gonchar – 42
Sergei Gonchar, a former professional ice hockey player of Russian origins, after spending time with six different teams, is currently a coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He made his debut at the age of 20, during the 1994-1995 NHL season. He played for the Washington Capitals, Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, Ottawa Senators, Dallas Stars, and the Montreal Canadiens. During his time with the Pittsburgh Penguins, he won the Stanley Cup for this team in 2009.
Bartolo Colon – 43
Bartolo is a Dominican American pro baseball pitcher for the Atlanta Braves of the MLB. Before his latest contract with the Braves, he’s played for the Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, and New York Mets. In any case, being 43 in baseball is a major achievement. Colon’s been increasing his performance and dexterity over the years in the world of Major League Baseball, therefore he’s been constantly evolving, instead of backing down.
LaTroy Hawkins – 44
LaTroy Hawkins is a former professional baseball relief pitcher who’s officially retired from baseball, but not before having served the Major League Baseball for 21 years. He was a pitcher for teams including the Minnesota Twins, Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants, Colorado Rockies, New York Yankees, and Toronto Blue Jays. Hawkins has been the oldest active baseball player in the MLB, having earned a place in the 1,000-games-pitched club.
John Tavares – 48
Retired pro lacrosse player John Tavares has had a prolific career that spanned 23 years. He played with the Buffalo Bandits, the team which would define his prosperous path in the world of lacrosse. Tavares has been the leader in goals, assists and points in National Lacrosse League history. As a side note, when off from the NLL, he’s a math teacher in Ontario.

Dan Henderson – 46
Former Olympic wrestler and retired mixed martial artist Dan Henderson is considered as being one of the oldest fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. His MMA career debuted back in 1997, and he’s been a major influence in the mixed martial arts world. He also took home a considerable amount of medals, one of his greatest achievements being winning gold in the 2000 Pan American Championships. While active, he used to be an incomparable influence in the MMA and wrestling world.
Kazuyoshi Miura – 49
Former Japanese forward, Kazuyoshi Miura, also known as Kazu, has been a soccer player for Japan since 1986. At the age of 49, he’s amazed everyone with his remarkable stamina and durability in the game. He’s renowned for doing the ‘Kazu Dance’ when he scores a goal. These days, he plays for Yokohama FC in the J. League Division 2.
Julio Franco – 56
Franco started playing ball in 1982, and had an impressive career for 23 seasons. At 45, he was with the Atlanta Braves. Julio then used his skills and dexterity as an infielder to secure the team a remarkable game. His Major League Baseball career is over, but he does play pro-baseball in Japan occasionally. It seems he rightfully sticks to playing the game!


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