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20 Celebrities Who’ve Aged Amazingly


Even though old age may be associated with wrinkles and grey hair, and, in some cases, becoming an adult takes its toll on everyone, there are some celebs who still look like a million bucks today as well, compared to how they looked like when they were younger. These loveable celebrities will, nevertheless, remain in our hearts for their virtues and talent, and we will keep admiring them even when they will actually be grandmas and grandpas!

#1. Cate Blanchett

Academy Award winning-actress Cate Blanchett (47) is probably one of the celebrities who will continue to be in Hollywood’s limelight for decades to come. Famous for her complex roles, including the elf queen Galadriel (“The Lord of the Rings”) and Cinderella’s stepmother, the blonde-haired bombshell, with highly defined cheekbones, is one truly beautiful woman!

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